Category: CV Writing Tips

  • How to Make a Dull Job Sound Interesting on Your CV

    As you read the 100’s of CV writing articles on the internet – you may have some doubts. It’s all very well talking up achievements and experiences, but how can you write a colourful and engaging CV if your work experience has been a little more mundane? Not every job gives you chance to demonstrate how you made a […]

  • Which CV Writing Rules Can You Break?

    The evolution of digital technologies has led to a similar evolution in printed documents, including CVs. Most advice on CV writing today differs from that offered ten years ago, before electronic CVs became the norm. Yet looking at the advice offered on the internet, you’ll see that much of it is broadly similar. There are […]

  • Are You Using the Right Tone of Voice in Your CV?

    How can writing have a tone of voice? Unless you’ve been involved in marketing at some point, you may never have given much thought to this question. You may not even have realised that such a consideration existed, far less that it might be vitally important when you come to write your CV. All writing […]

  • What Information Can You Safely Leave Off Your CV?

    In just a few minutes’ time, you’ll know exactly what doesn’t need to be included in your CV as well as why not. This will save lots of time as you can make some quick and simple edits! What’s more, with some additional and unnecessary information out of the way, the information that you do […]

  • Injecting Personality Into Your CV

    When you write your CV / resume, your primary concern is always going to be convincing the employer that you have plenty to offer in terms of relevant skills and experience. At all times you are going to be endeavouring to sound courteous and professional. In doing this, you are addressing the uppermost of the […]

  • Getting the ‘Tone’ Right in your CV

    If you are inexperienced at writing your CV, then you have probably given little attention to the tone of your writing. This refers to the kind of ‘voice’ that the reader will hear in their head as they read your document. The kind of tone you use will be determined by why you are writing […]

  • 7 Fatal CV Writing Mistakes

    Few people are highly experienced in CV writing and most people will make mistakes at some point. Fatal errors can demolish what seems to be the most perfect match, between you and a job that you are applying for. This next statement may surprise you a bit, but … “Employers are really looking for ways […]

  • Using Industry Keywords / Buzzwords in Your CV

    Job seeking has changed over recent years, with the advent and rapid growth of digital communications. This means that when you prepare your CV, you are no longer writing it for one scenario, in which an employer receives a paper copy in an envelope via the regular post. You now have to prepare your CV […]