Category: Job Interview Tips

  • How To Cope With Stressful Interview Questions

    Most people feel some degree of stress during an interview. This is hardly surprising, as you hold little power in an interview but are required to respond to the interviewer’s questioning, while under severe scrutiny. It is about as far from an equally balanced discussion as it’s possible to get. Sometimes, an interview that already […]

  • Strength and Weaknesses Interview Questions: How Do You Handle Them?

    Everyone knows the questions and everyone knows they are likely to be asked. Everyone prepares for them. Yet how good are most people’s answers to the interview questions: “What are your greatest strengths?” “what is your biggest weakness?” Many people believe that they know exactly how to answer. When asked about their strengths, they extol […]

  • Behavioural Interview Questions

    Have you ever heard of behavioural questions? No? If you’ve had any job interviews in the past, you’ve probably answered a few of them without realising that they are behavioural questions. This article will spell out: What a behavioural interview question is. Why do interviewers frequently ask behavioural interview questions at an interview. Why it’s […]

  • Handling a Bad Interviewer Part 2

    Last time, we looked at how to handle a bad interviewer, including intimidating, talkative or quiet interviewers. This time we are going to look at how to handle the stumbling interviewer, the shallow interviewer and the rude interviewer. The Stumbling Interviewer The interviewer who does not seem to know where they are going with the […]

  • Handling a Bad Interviewer

    You feel that your job search may be coming to a conclusion. You have worked hard on preparing your job application and have been rewarded with an interview. Ready to meet the challenge ahead, you attend the interview only to find, to your horror, that you are faced with a bad interviewer! Does this mean […]

  • Building Rapport at a Job Interview with the Interviewer

    On first consideration, it might seem that job appointments are logical and analytical, being a matter of matching a vacancy’s criteria with the experience and skills offered by the candidates. As all the applications are screened, the interviewer ticks boxes for all the criteria that the applicant matches. The job is eventually awarded to the […]

  • Preparing for an Interview

    Practically everyone hates interviews, but there’s no getting away from them. For almost every step in our careers, we need to go through the gruelling process of the job interview. Yet, there are ways you can make the process slightly less difficult. By being adequately prepared, you can improve your confidence and performance, improve your […]

  • Different Types of Interviews

    In the course of applying for jobs, you may have experienced or heard about a number of different types of interview. These involve any combination of different elements, comprising the number of interviewers, types of questions and approaches to questioning, through to different formats for the selection process itself. While you can get an initial […]